Hundreds of network vulnerabilities are discovered every day and yet it’s still very easy to lure computer users to click on malicious links that allow your company’s assets to be taken control of.

Traditional Security

Network and endpoint security by themselves are no longer sufficient to stop new-age sophisticated attacks and compromised insiders from accessing and leaking business critical assets. Data hacks of the Office of Personnel Management, Sony, RSA, LinkedIn, Home Depot, Target, Ashley Madison and other increasing number of high-profile data breaches is a testament to the fact that traditional network security defenses are not working.

CyberZeon Risk Management

CyberZeon Risk Management

With 18+ years experience in IT Security, Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management (GRC), CyberZeon can offer you Risk Assessment and Risk Advisory you can rely on.


• Chief Information Risk Officer (CIRO) On-Demand.

• Threat Risk Assessments.

• Global Vendor/Supplier security Assessment.

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